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I'm a wife, mom, grandmother and great grandmother. I try to be creative - sometimes it works, most times it doesn't. I'm my own worst critic! I'm self taught in a lot of my crafts, but have taken quilting classes and most recently a beginner's rug hooking class. I enjoy both crafts tremendously. I'd like to learn to be a better gardener.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What a difference a day makes!

It was so nice when I left for work this morning.  I looked longingly at the chair on the front porch and wished I had time to sit and have my coffee out there.  Soon....  :)

My hubby informed me that we have hummingbirds!  Yay!  They were at the feeder in the back yard.  I was hoping they would be attracted to a feeder in the front yard but it might be too hot there as it gets full sun all the time.  So last night I removed it, cleaned it and will probably put it up in the backyard as well.  One can never have too many hummingbirds!  :)

I've decided to take Friday off so I can work in my garden, help my daughter with the graduation party list and just enjoy the weather!

Sorry there are no pictures - for some reason my computer is very slow in uploading pictures so I have to do it when I know I have lots of time to "play" with it.  I have more pictures of my fairy garden and pictures of my granddaughter before prom and I'll have pictures of my front garden this weekend.  Then it will be back around to the back to finish back there.  Never a dull moment in my life but not as exciting well maybe eventful as Julia's of Petals and Wool!  That woman is always on the go and has such interesting stories! 

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  1. Hi Char, How nice that you took time off to some gardening. I'm looking forward to seeing what you did.

    After the barn work today I've been baking rather than working in the yard as it was rather cold which doesn't go well with arthritis. I picked some rhubarbs on my way home and made two Rhubarb Custard with Meringue desserts. One for here and one for my son who helped me get my barn work done this morning.

    Now I'm off to work in the yard.
    Have a productive day Char.


  2. Well, I have yet to site my first hummingbird at my feeders! I have been busy sewing doll clothes today! I have finished a nightgown and a pj set..... hopefully I will be able to put them in the mail to Texas tomorrow! I think as the weather gets nicer, our quilting tasks are going to be put aside?? I got to get that binding done on that wall quilt........ so I can say to you and Sarah, I'm done!!! hahaha