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I'm a wife, mom, grandmother and great grandmother. I try to be creative - sometimes it works, most times it doesn't. I'm my own worst critic! I'm self taught in a lot of my crafts, but have taken quilting classes and most recently a beginner's rug hooking class. I enjoy both crafts tremendously. I'd like to learn to be a better gardener.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Getting ready for Thanksgiving!

I had a busy, busy weekend.  Had lunch with friends at Frankie's in North Olmsted (Ohio).  Then left there, went to the Farm Market and bought a few things in preparation for my daughter and her family (she has six children - ages 17 - 6 months!!!) to come.  Sunday cleaned house, moved stuff around in the basement to set up the tables for our Thanksgiving dinner (which will actually be on Saturday) and washed clothes.  I also got some work done on my Christmas crafts. 

Then last night went home, worked some more on my Christmas crafts, ate dinner, did the dishes, and then wound down for the night. 

Today I'll go home, go to the grocery store to buy the last minute things I need, grab something to eat while we're out.  Then I'll get home and bake some brownies and add peanut butter frosting to them because my grandson, Andrew, loves, loves, loves peanut butter.  I'll make a double pot of chili for when my daughter and her family arrive tomorrow.

Thursday my daughter and her family will go to her grandma's house for dinner leaving my husband and I to some peace and quiet for a while.

Friday I'll make peanut butter pie, pumpkin cake, and prepare as many of the side dishes as I can before Saturday so that basically all we'll have to do is put the turkey in the roaster and make the mashed potatoes and gravy.

Whew!  I tell you this because I had hoped to post pictures of my painted silk scarves I made in the class last week but just haven't had a spare second to do it!

Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Silk Scarf painting

I took a class on silk scarf painting last night.  LOVED IT!  It was probably the easiest, most stress free craft I'ved learned!  I took the class at Columbia Reservation (Lorain County Metroparks).  The class was a 2 hour class but felt like only 5 minutes.  We had such fun and the time passed so quickly.  I'll have to take pictures and post them hopefully this weekend.  The instructor was Clela Stelnicki and she was awesome!  Everyone there was so friendly and encouraging.  It was great!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Addendum to November 16 post

Ok, I figured out how to get a picture under the title of my blog, but not sure yet how to get other pics on my blog.  Patience!  I will get this figured out!  And I'd like to make this a little smaller - it seems so huge!

The first picture is of my first big quilt - queen sized log cabin.  I love that quilt!  It's on my bed.  I've made other quilts since then for the grandchildren and a couple of small wall hangings.

The second picture is a Cardinal wall hanging that I put up after Thanksgiving and leave up until the end of February.

Still not where I want my pictures to go, but back to the drawing board to see what I can do!

Shhh! What is that!?

It's my office with no one except me in it!  It's been that way for 15 minutes!!!!  Maybe today I'll actually get some work done!

Worked until 5:45 last night (usually get off at 4:00).  I called my hubby and asked him what he'd like me to pick up because I was not cookin'!  I picked up some dinner, got home changed into my sweats, ate my dinner, returned some phone calls and then fought to stay awake!  No crafting done last night  :(    This is very frustrating!  And this weekend is going be crazy - probably won't get as much crafting done as I'd like or as I need to do!  Sigh...  I swore last year that I would start my Christmas crafts early so I wouldn't be like a mad woman trying to get them done in time for Christmas.  I would have been fine if I'd quit changing my mind about what I was going to make!!!  Urgh!  I've even brought the afghan that I'm crocheting for my brother to work with the hopes of working on it at lunchtime.  But have I even picked it up yet!?!  Oh, yeah, sure - to move it out of the way!  LOL!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Yep, it's Monday all right!

I had an absolutely great weekend!  Saturday was so nice here in Nothern Ohio!  It was 69 degrees and very sunny!  We drove down towards Amish Country, stopped at Lodi Outlet Mall, then had lunch at The Barn restaurant.  I came home and worked on my snowmen penny ornaments.  Sunday we cleaned the basement really well in preparation for Thanksgiving.  With all the kids and grandkids and friends and relatives we'll have about 20 people over the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  My daughter and her family will be coming in from Kentucky on Wednesday the 24th and will be staying until Sunday the 28th.  There will be 8 additional people at my house while they're here!!!!

Then to work today - had an employee get hurt over the weekend - is still in the hospital for more tests.  Another employee came back to work after being off for about 3 weeks.  It's just been a hopping, crazy morning!  Hard to believe that it's 10:30 already!!!!

I have my cardinal mat sitting in the living room on my frame just calling my name to work on it.  Sigh... I've had to ignore it.  I'm running out of time to get my Christmas craft done.  Once I have those done, then I'll finish up that mat!  Then I will finish one quilt and start another and hopefully have them both completely done by February for my granddaughters birthdays.

Have a great day!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Another Monday...

Hi All!

Still trying to figure out how to add more things to my blog post - such as pictures, blogs that I follow and so on.  I suppose I should try to work on it when I'm at home instead of on my lunch break at work.  I'll get there - just a little slower than most!  LOL!

Great weekend!  I'm almost finished with the handquilting of my granddaughter's quilt.  I only have 6 more blocks to quilt.  Then all I'll have to do is sew the binding on, label it, wash it and it will be good to go!  Not getting so far along with my Christmas Crafts though... :(    So I'm trying desparately to get this quilt done by the end of this week (binding and all) so I can give all my attention to my Christmas craft.

We're supposed to have a nice week weather-wise here in Ohio this week.  But this will be our Indian Summer and then I'm sure the bottom will drop out and we'll have lots of cold weather and snow!  I can't decide if I'm not ready or if I'm more than ready because afterall - we do live in Ohio and know that the weather will turn colder and it will snow.  I'm just thankful I don't live in the snowbelt!!!!

Hope everyone is having a great day!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Our levy passed!  It's good to know that the people of Lorain County cared enough about the well being of the children to pass the levy.  It is so appreciated by all of us here at Children Services!

The weather has gotten a tad cooler - okay - cold!  It was 27 degrees when I came into work this morning!  I'm glad I got my flower gardens cleaned up this past weekend cuz I think it would be too cold for me to be out there very long working on them. 

Crafting... not much getting done there since the weekend.  I just need to get motivated - don't know why I'm not... 

I don't usually put up Halloween decorations but when coming home from exercise one night I saw the cutest pumpkins - they were mesh and had lights on them.  I only bought one as they were a little pricey.  I meant to go check them out after Halloween to see if they'd gone down in price because I'd really like to have two.  I don't think I'd decorate for Halloween but more for the fall.  Those pumpkins would do as a fall decoration just as well as for a Halloween decoration.  Then next fall I'd like to buy a rope of fall leaves and drape them around my front door and add some other "country" style decorations for fall.  We'll see how that goes!

Hope everyone has a great day!

Monday, November 1, 2010

First time officially blogging...

This is my first time officially blogging...  It took me about a gazillion tries to finally get to this point and I'm still not too clear on what all I want/need to do.  I want to add some of the blogs I routinely check out.  I need to figure out how to add pictures and all that fun stuff.  But, today is number 1.

I had a great weekend!  Worked in the yard pulling up weeds, preparing the rose bushes for winter, and just cleaning up the yard in general.  It was windy and chilly in Northern Ohio on Saturday morning but we hung in there and finished up.  Then I worked on hand quilting one of my granddaughter's quilts.  I have the other granddaughter's quilt all pinned together and ready to start handquilting when I get done with the first one.  Only 13 more blocks to go and I'll be done with the first one.  Then all I have to do is put the binding on, label it and wash it and I'll be good to go.  I had hoped to have them both done for Christmas but may have to wait until their birthdays in February.  I've also been working on my Christmas crafts - I only need a mere 30!  And in between all of this I'm trying to finish up my cardinal mat turn pillow for my rug hooking.

So, what are you all up to?