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I'm a wife, mom, grandmother and great grandmother. I try to be creative - sometimes it works, most times it doesn't. I'm my own worst critic! I'm self taught in a lot of my crafts, but have taken quilting classes and most recently a beginner's rug hooking class. I enjoy both crafts tremendously. I'd like to learn to be a better gardener.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas is over and we quickly approaching a new year....

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve with my children (John and Ginger).   Between the two of them they have 8 children (my daughter has six of the eight).   My son's daughter, Brooke, lives in Tampa, Florida and was not able to make it.   My stepdaughter who lives close by was not able to make due to daughter being with her dad Christmas Eve so the two of them came over this past Sunday.

The grandkids were on good behavior Christmas Eve with the threat of Santa not coming looming all around them if they dared to act out!  LOL!  Oh, heck, who am I kidding - they were wound up to beat the band.   The 5 year old (Dominic) and his cousin (Liam) who just turned 7 had a blast seeing who could talk (yell) the loudest!   Then Dominic's niece (Juleigha) who is 4 just sat very daintily observing it all until after presents were opened and then she gave them a run for their money.   The baby (also Dominic's niece) who just turned a year old December 6 (Mariah) was the life of the party!   Everyone enjoyed the food.   My daughter-in-law, Michelle, and my daughter, Ginger, cleaned up the kitchen and washed and dried dishes.  Yay me!   They all left around 7:30 which was somewhat of a relief to hubby and I as we had been battling colds all week.

Then on Saturday, December 26 we celebrated Mariah's birthday.   Which was hilarious!   So I'm posting some pictures below of Christmas and the birthday girl!

These are the Christmas gifts I made for family and friends this year.  They weren't very hard to make - just time consuming but it gave me something mindless to do while watching tv.

This is a gift I  stitched for my nephew who lives in Tennessee.

This is a gift I stitched for my niece who lives in Mississippi.

 This is a quilt I made from my grandson, Liam.   I had made his dad a quilt a few years back using the guitar fabric and musical notes that I binded Liam's with and Liam tried to take ownership of it.  Now he has his own - not exactly like dad's but using some of the same fabric.   He was a happy camper.

The quilt I made for Dominic.   He said it was so soft.  :)

 Miss Juleigha Renee.   She is our 4  year old great granddaughter.   Her hair was longer at one time but one afternoon she decided she wanted it short, went into her Grammy's bedroom, found the scissors and cut all her hair this short.  Lucky for her, Aunt TM (Toni Marie) is a hair stylist and cleaned it up for her.  She's such a little cutie pie!

 Uncle Dominic and Juleigha.   He's a wild thing and if I try to give him "the look" the little stinker just gives it right back to me.   It's so hard to not laugh when I'm trying to get him to stop doing something and he gives the look right back.

 This Uncle Dominic, Juleigha, and Uncle Ryan (Ry Ry aka stunt double).   To get somewhat of a smile from Ryan is a major accomplishment!

From left to right....my son-in-law, Tony; my daughter, Ginger; great granddaughter, Mariah; granddaughter, Toni Marie; her boyfriend, Tristian.

 Dominic and his big brother, Andrew.  My hubby and granddaughter, Karley, in the background giving them bunny ears.

 My granddaughter, Karley, with her precious baby, Mariah.  Those tights Mariah has on made it look like she had black shoes on.   So cute.
 Dominic, cousin, Liam, and niece Juleigha (my daughter in the background).
 Little Miss Mariah was infatuated by her cousin Liam and just followed him around and would stand and stare at him.  Then she started hitting him, cocking her head to the side and smiling at him.  She's already a big flirt!
 Liam with his quilt.
 Dominic peeking over his quilt.
Mariah hugging her educational doggie.

Picture of Mariah in her birthday dress.   She looked like a real life baby doll.   But she was not too happy being all fru fru'd up!   She was much happier once her momma took her out of her dress.   Ordinarily she's all smiles.   She's a happy little baby but has no fear.   Her daddy got her an age appropriate riding toy and the little stinker stands on it!

And here is the birthday girl, Mariah, with her cousin, Juleigha and my hubby, Paw Paw.

So now it's time to clean up my craft room so I can get started on a quilt for our guild quilt show in October. Time to make a list of projects (quilts, stitching, punch needles, rugs, Christmas gifts I want to make or finish in 2016) so I can stay on track.  I did that in 2015 and did a pretty good job of getting things done!

Thanks for stopping by.   Hope you leave a comment or two.

Happy New Year!