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I'm a wife, mom, grandmother and great grandmother. I try to be creative - sometimes it works, most times it doesn't. I'm my own worst critic! I'm self taught in a lot of my crafts, but have taken quilting classes and most recently a beginner's rug hooking class. I enjoy both crafts tremendously. I'd like to learn to be a better gardener.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring, snowing, pulling loops, quilting and more

I am tired, tired, tired of the cold.  I try not to complain because if it gets terribly hot like it did last summer I'll be wishing it was cooler!  But enough already!  LOL!

I've been busy working on projects partly because all the blogs I follow are such an inspiration and partly because it keeps me awake at night so I'm not falling asleep in my chair at 7:00!

This is a 10" x 26" mat I'm making from Humble Handwork by S. West.  It's called Saltbox Row.  I know this isn't the greatest picture but it gives you an idea.  As usual - the colors are lighter than they look. 

This is a quilt I made for a former staff member's baby.  It's called Lucky Stars from Atkinson designs.  It measures 39 x 39.  It's supposed to be bigger but since it's for a baby I made it smaller.

And this is what is on my hoop - it's a Little House Needleworks cross stitch that I want to hang in my living room.  It's called Little House Neighborhood.  This is on 14 ct aida - antique white.  I just can't figure out how to stitch on linen so this will have to do.  :)  I just started it this past Sunday while watching (or listening actually) to the NASCAR race.

This is a picture of the pattern and what I hope will be my finished look!
I've also been working on some cross stitch on my lunch break at work.  It's something I'm making as a Christmas gift... yep I said it - Christmas!  And I'm meaning Christmas 2013.  I'm a slow stitcher so there are about six patterns that will be little pillows.  I'll have to bring them home to show progress and let you all know where I got the pattern.
So how is everyone else?  I see you're all so busy and so talented!  You all do such beautiful work!
Thanks for stopping by!  I appreciate your checking in from time to time and occassionally leaving a comment!
Have a great week!


  1. Looks like you're keeping busy by doing variety of projects - and I like all of them! Cross stitch isn't very easy for me anymore so I rarely attempt it - your hooked rug is so cute - LOVE houses!

  2. I am really liking your hooked rug, it is coming out really nice. Also, Love your cross stitch pattern.... Something nice and light weight to work on for a summer project!

  3. Hi Char, you little Star Baby Quilt is adorable and so is that cross stitch pattern.
    I'm just getting back in the mood for hooking and since I'm working on my Childhood Memories rug with narrow cuts, it's going very slow. I hardly pulled hoops this winter.
    I just wasn't in the mood and war rather burnt out with no time off and a depressing winter.
    It looks like spring is in the air and is slow warming things up but my tulips and daffodils are starting to peek out of the ground.

    Have a great day.

  4. Hi, returning the following. I love your LHN project, even weave isn't so very hard to stitch on, you count threads instead of holes! Try a small project first.