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Friday, January 17, 2014

A project finished and work in progress

Hi all!  I hope you're staying comfy.  I hope you've been able to get some crafting done.  So many of us are experiencing cold weather.  I know it has helped me get a lot done.
The picture below is the January Small Quilt challenge.  The pattern is Bear Paw and the quilt is 20 x 20.  I joined this group late in the year last year.  I did the October challenge which was a Maple Leaf.  I used it as a small table runner.  Each month we are issued a "challenge" and the pattern is picked by the moderator, Kathy Tracy.  It is usually from one of her books and often a free pattern she posts.  It was very easy to put together - went fast.  I am pleased with the results!
Below is my work in progress.  I ordered this sampler from McIntosh Samplers after seeing it on one of your blogs.  I apologize for not remembering whose blog I saw it on.  i ordered it from McIntosh Samplers (www.mcintoshsamplers.com)    This person did theirs in blue and I really liked it.  But when the pattern came it was red.  So I went out to buy the floss and aida cloth (it's a 14 count - I've never worked with linen).  I only bought one skein of each color which was in the blues (the pattern comes with the colors for the blue sampler or the red).  Then I put it all away and forgot about it.  Once I cleaned my craft room I put it where I'd see it and eventually - two weeks ago took it out and started on it.  But first I had to go buy more floss (it's a 19 x 20).  

Not sure why the pictures aren't coming up all that clear but you get the drift.

I believe if you double click on it you'll be able to see it better.

This is what I have completed so far.  Sorry there are two pictures showing the same thing!  This is the third time I've tried to do this post so I'm not messing with it!  LOL!

I hope you enjoyed your visit with me.  I hope you stop back again!



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  1. Nice job on the Maple leaf block. I love the colors and that sampler looks like a lot of work. I'd have to use my magnifying glasses to work on that. It looks pretty small count.