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Monday, February 3, 2014

Cabin fever, winter blahs, whatever you want to call it....

...I've got it!  Even though I've been getting some crafting done, including projects that I bought many years ago, I just sick, sick, sick of this weather!  I was just thinking that I don't remember winter being so dreary and had an "ah ha" moment.  Of course it wasn't dreary!  I'd leave for work and the sky would just be beginning to lighten.  When I'd leave for home it was kind of dark - but by the time I got home, cooked dinner and ate it was dark.  All day long I was inside under florescent lights so it rarely felt dreary.  Nine times out of ten I just ate my lunch in my office while checking out facebook or rug hooking daily or emailing family/friends.  So, again, I didn't realize how dreary it was outside because I was rarely out during the day!  Today is sunny but COLD!  Brrr!  A whopping 23 degrees according to my car thermometer.

So here are a few things that I've started on and either finished or getting ready to finish...

This is a pillow case I made for my daughter.  She collects pigs.  About two or maybe even three years ago my friend, Sharon, and I were at a fabric store in Bettsville, Ohio called the Door Mouse and I found this fabric so I just had to buy it to make a pillow case for my daughter.  I finished it in about 1 1/2 hours.

Also about two years ago I saw this panel in a Nancy's Notion's catalog.  It came as a wall hanging kit so I bought it.  When it came I looked at it and thought "how pretty!" and then put it away.  When I cleaned/organized my craft room I found it.  When I put things away I put all the projects that I've bought fabric for or kits that I've bought on the top shelf in my pantry in my craft room.  The other day I was tired of working on my cross stitch so I pulled this out and had the top sewn together in about two hours.  The next day I started marking it for quilting and finished the marking the day after that.  Then it sat in my craft room for a couple of days until Saturday when I pinned it together and brought it out to the living room to quilt.  The bad news is that when I ordered it and when it came in I thought it was pretty - now I feel it's just "okay" - I'm not crazy about it but I don't dislike it either!  I plan to hang it in the kitchen.  However, the Small Quilt Talk group I belong to issued the February small quilt challenge which is a spool with a heart in it.  So, I went to my pantry and started picking out fabric to make this challenge with the thought that if it goes together quickly I'll make one for my daughter and one for myself...we'll see... 
So, no cross stitch has been done, no quilting has been done but the fabric for the quilt challenge has been ironed.  Maybe I'll get back in the groove tomorrow!
If you live in a cold climate - stay warm, stay calm, eat chocolate - spring is only 6 weeks away!  If you're living in a warmer climate...  I'm jealous!  LOL!
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  1. Welcome to the Winter Blahs Club.
    I don't want to buy a membership in this club so I'm digging in my heels and I'm starting my spring cleaning as soon as I stop procrastinating. hahaha.

    I've started marking quilting lines on my cat wall hanging and still have to mark the border. Easier said than done. The template pattern didn't fit the length of the border so I'm back to the drawing board.
    I making it as simple as I can because I just want to finish this UFO. I never quilted with the sewing machine and this might be a chance for me to try machine quilting.

    Love the pig fabric, your daughter will be in pig heaven and that bird fabric is perfect to bring Spring in early.

    Take care.