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Monday, August 26, 2013

WOW! Re-organizing my craft room was a bigger task than I imagined it to be!

I have finally started working on my craft room.  And what a monumental task that has turned out to be!  I started with removing everything from the room.  Hubby and I took up the carpet.  Then cleaned the walls and painted them.  Now I'm in the process of sorting through everything and trying to organize my room in a way that makes sense!  I'm hoping to have one area for my sewing/quilting supplies, one area for my rug hooking/rug making supplies, and one are for my needlework/cross stitch/punch needle supplies...not so sure that's really going to be able to happen!  Wow!  I have a LOT of "stuff"! 

Here are some of the before pictures!!!  This room is located off the kitchen and tends to be the catch all room for everything.  And while I was working I was just too tired to keep trying to straighten it up.  The room is 10 x 10 and believe me - it had a lot of stuff crammed in it!!!!

 This is where I put some of the stuff from my craft room.  I also put some of the stuff in the office and in the kitchen!!!  YIKES! 

Here are some pictures of the room emptied...

 The closet will be worked on as I start replacing "stuff" back in the room.

 The color on the wall is called "Evening Stroll" sometimes it looks blue like this and sometimes it looks like it has more green in the blue.
The area rug that I put down instead of the thick carpet.

So, that's it for now.  Stay tuned for more pictures once I get it put back together.  I spent most of yesterday going through my plastic containers of fabric.  WOW!  I had a lot of fabric, some of it is dedicated to a quilt project but most of it is fabric I had left over or that I bought.  A lot of it I don't remember even buying or why!!! LOL!

Hope you're having a great day!  Stop back when you get a chance!



  1. WOW!!! you have LOTS OF STUFF... I would purchase lots of see through plastic totes of assorted size and fill them with the appropriate craft supplies and label the contents on top and on the side of the totes so you won't have to dig to find what you need. I love the stackable see-through totes and plastic shoe boxes.

    You'll be glad when you finally have it all organized. I'd love to see a
    Good luck with this big project.

  2. Julia I sure do have lots of stuff! I had no idea I had that much stuff until I took that room apart! I was amazed at the fabric I found! And then when I started on my rug hooking area I was surpised at the wool I have and the patterns I have as well as the rugs I've started but haven't finished!!!! Once I get this room done I'd better get busy on finishing some rugs!!! LOL!

    I'm actually taking everything out of the see thru plastic containers because they were taking up too much room. It's all fitting nicely in my cupboard and on the shelves in the closet without the bulk of the tubs. But I haven't put them in the attic yet because I'm still not done with the room...I might find I need some of them after all! LOL!


  3. Char... I saw that room "in person", and it didn't look all that bad until I "see" it in photos. No wonder you couldn't find anything. I am jealous cause your craft room is going to be more organized than mine. I've done mine like 3 times? And I still need to tweek it!!! You just need some more projects........I'll see what I can come up with:)