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Monday, December 6, 2010

A bit of a breather!

While I'm on break here at work I thought I'd blog for a bit. 

I truly enjoyed my Thanksgiving!  Having my daughter and her family up was so nice.  One morning my oldest granddaughter came into our bedroom and sat or laid on our bed and we had a nice chat.  She's so pretty and growing up right before our very eyes.  She'll be 18 in May and graduating in June.  We also woke to the sounds of the baby cooing in his pak-n-play every morning.  He was such a good baby - went to bed when mom put him down, took his naps with no fuss.  The other 4 kids were very entertaining.  The Saturday after Thanksgiving my son and his family came over as did my stepdaughter and her family.  It was nice having everyone together.  But was good and tired after they all left.

This past weekend my friend, Stacy, and I went to Ault's in Shelby Ohio to buy wool.  Such a selection to pick from - didn't know where to start.  But never fear - we quickly found our way and I think I've purchased all the wool I'll need for my sunflower penny rug.  Now all I need to do is cut it and I'll be good to go!  Then we went to a cross stitch shop in Vermilion and of course I had to buy two patterns.  I guess I'm going to need to learn how to do things in my sleep so I can get it all done!  LOL!  However, I am hoping to retire in about 3 years (if all goes well) and I'll have plenty of time to get things done then.  I won't be so limited to when I can craft.  I'll be able to put food in the crock pot and craft to my heart's content!

I finished my staff's Christmas gifts and will be able to give them to them tomorrow when we have our Christmas party.  I also finished some other friends Christmas gifts and will be able to give them on Thursday when we all get together.  I just have a few more to finish for family and I'll finally be done with Christmas crafts!  Yay!  I should be done this week!!!

Yes, Julia, I also wonder where the time goes.  I read your blog and wonder to myself how on earth do you find the time to do everything that you do!!!!  My house is a mess, my craftroom is a disaster, my desk at work looks like I'm extremely overworked, my office at work is used as the dumping ground for things that people don't want so I leave here every day drained from the clutter as well as the job expectations.  Then I go home to more!  My goal for next year is to start in one room at home and clean it, organize it, label it, file it until it's presentable again, then move on to the next.  I will get my craft room better organized next year!

Take care and have a great day!

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