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Friday, February 11, 2011


I sewed the binding for the quilts last night.  Tonight I will machine sew them onto the front of the quilts, then the weekend will be hand sewing them to the back then labeling and washing!  Yay! 

I had finally saved enough money to buy a cutter and an additional blade.  So I ordered a Fraser 500 with a #8 and then I ordered a #6 blade as well.  It came in Monday.  But we went to the Home and Garden show Monday night.  Tuesday night I went to exercise class and pulled a muscle in my back so I didn't feel like opening it up and playing around with it.  Wednesday I was sick.  And last night I was busy with the quilt binding.  And on top of that - I'm AFRAID of the cutter!  LOL!  I don't know enough about cutters to know if the tension is right etc.  I do know that Fraser will answer any questions that I have so I'm not really worried on that end.    I'm just funny that way.  I will open it this weekend and make sure there are no pieces parts missing etc.  Can hardly wait to cut some wool!!!  :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Char, I have a Bliss cutter and I think that they are about the same except the Fraser clips on a table.

    With my bliss cutter I know that the tension is too tight if I hear a clicking sound when I cut and I have to loosen it a tiny bit at a time to test. Now I get a feel for how tight to turn the adjusting screw. Try it on a scrap of wool. You will find that you have to adjust the tension for different weights of wool. don't cut wool that have some synthetics in because it dulls the blades as they need more tension to cut through. 100% wool cuts easy.

    I don't know if this helps. Just make sure that you don't cut any more wool than you need as it accumulates very fast as sometimes you nees another cut but the wool was already cut in a different cut. Very annoying.

    I would like to see how you go about binding and assembling your quilts. I always like to see photos of progress. It makes a blog more interesting like a tutorial. JB