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I'm a wife, mom, grandmother and great grandmother. I try to be creative - sometimes it works, most times it doesn't. I'm my own worst critic! I'm self taught in a lot of my crafts, but have taken quilting classes and most recently a beginner's rug hooking class. I enjoy both crafts tremendously. I'd like to learn to be a better gardener.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

This and that

Our house after they tore off the stoop and before adding the front porch.

Midway into the job.

The porch is finished - now to paint the house.
The house painted and shutters on.

So the reason I'm showing this is because now that spring is right around the corner we need to decide on some type of landscaping.  I read in my country gardens magazine that there is a lilac bush that gets only 4-5 feet tall and blooms all summer.  So I'm thinking of adding that to the left corner, then some type of shrubs.  We have rose bushes in front of the picket fence.  Then we'd need to add some types of shrubs under the picture window.  I'm not a good gardener so I'm going to need something that requires little care.  So much work to do!  So little time!  :)  We also need to get some nice rockers or gliders to put on the porch so we can sit out and enjoy the evenings or mornings on the weekends.  We have a nice back porch as well.  I'll get pictures of that later.  We like sitting out back - less traffic, lots of birds, quieter.

Almost finished with my cardinal mat.  I was running out of my background wool so I decided to add an extra row to the border, then do little half circles in the corners with the same color wool as the border.  I think I'm going to be okay now with the background wool.  I'll post as soon as I'm done.  I need to get some wool yarn to do my edging with - I thought I had bought some but can't find it.  I have the binding tape to do that part of the mat.  Yay!

Have a great day!  And thank you for stopping by!


  1. The house looks great and the before and after pictures tell a great story. Good luck with the landscaping. I'm sure that it will look very nice.

    Nice to hear that you have found a solution for your cardinal rug. JB

  2. Char ~
    Sorry I missed hooking last week but I had that date with a certain 6 year old!
    Your porch looks great ~ so inviting! If you need any daylilies, give me a holler!
    Hope to see you soon.
    Pug hugs :)