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I'm a wife, mom, grandmother and great grandmother. I try to be creative - sometimes it works, most times it doesn't. I'm my own worst critic! I'm self taught in a lot of my crafts, but have taken quilting classes and most recently a beginner's rug hooking class. I enjoy both crafts tremendously. I'd like to learn to be a better gardener.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Addendum to my earlier post - more crafts...

Christmas stockings I have made (quilted).  My hubby's is the "Bah Humbug" one.  I think it would be cool to make one rug hooked!

Some of the snowmen I have made for Christmas gifts.

This year's (2010) Christmas ornament made for my staff, friend's and family.

The other Christmas gift made for staff and family.

Close-up of the ornament with the other snowmen I've made.  I also made this one.

Two more snowmen I've made.  Do you sense a theme with my Christmas gifts!  LOL!

Quilted Christmas ornament I received as a gift this year.  I will be making it for 2011 Christmas!

A necklace I crocheted with wire and beads.

Some of the first bracelets I made.

An afghan I'm crocheting for my brother.

That's it so far!  I'll post pics of the other two granddaughter's quilts when they're done.  I'll also be posting pictures of my craft room - mid way through organizing and cleaning!  :)


  1. Char, my you've been busy. Thanks for posting your finished craft projects.
    My favorite one is the Cardinal pillow because for the first winter ever we now have cardinals that are staying here through the winter. Last year was the first time I saw a pair of cardinals in our area. I've been feeding them and they entertain us in spring and summer and fall with their beautiful songs.
    Have a great weekend. JB

  2. Julia, I love, love, love cardinals! We have them in our yard all the time. In fact, I was downstairs quilting this afternoon and saw quite a few at our feeder. So I ran upstairs to get the camera and tried to take pictures but kept getting the flashback from the window. I need to figure out the best way to take their pictures - maybe without the flash or maybe sit outside bundled up and snap a pic if they come to the feeder with me sitting there. Thank you for your comments.