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Monday, January 31, 2011

I've been lax!

I've been so focused on finishing the quilts for my two granddaughters that I haven't been able to think of much else!  I come to work and all I can think about is keeping my energy up so I can quilt when I get home.  I'm in the home stretch now and will most likely be machine sewing the binding on both of them this weekend.  Then I can hand stitch them to the back and get my label put on them, then washed by next weeked.  Then I'll bring to work for show and tell - then in the mail they go!  I can hardly wait to finish my cardinal mat.  I have a couple of smaller projects I'd like to work on after them.  They're both circular - one is a bee and bee hive.  The other is a Santa.  While I'm working on those I'll set up my bigger rug on my bigger rug frame - the sunflower penny rug.  Oh!  I almost forgot!!!!  I ordered a Fraser 500 cutter!  DUH!  How could I have almost forgotten that handy bit of info!!!!  Can hardly wait to get it and start cutting my own wool whenever I want!

This coming Thursday my hubby has to have a needle biopsy of a growth on his thryoid.  It was a fluke that it was even found - no symptoms that we know of - went to his cardiologist who ordered some routine lab work (thyroid blood test was one of them).  It came back slightly abnormal - cardiologist told him to follow up with family doctor.  Which he did.  Family doc ordered more blood work as well as a cat scan of his thryoid and found nodules on both sides - left significantly worse than the right.  Sent us to a surgeon who ordered the needle biopsy.  Next Monday, Feb 5 we'll find out results.

We're very tired of snow here in Northern Ohio - (Amherst).  Yet we're to get a good snow storm starting tonight, all day Tuesday, and ending some time Wednesday.  I don't think we will get snow that long...  We're supposed to have snow tonight and tomorrow morning, then in the afternoon it will warm up which will cause freezing rain, then back to snow in the evening.  Luckily it only takes me about 15-20 minutes to get to work so I don't anticipate it taking me much longer than an hour if the roads are really bad.  I'm trying to stay optimistic about it all and my mind is going down the path that this will be our big snow hurrah and then we'll start seeing improvements in our weather and just get a flake or two every now and then.

Stay warm everyone!

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